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3-Pack Echeveria 'longissima sp.', 1-1.3 inches, Mini size, Bare Root, Imported Rare Succulent

3-Pack Echeveria 'longissima sp.', 1-1.3 inches, Mini size, Bare Root, Imported Rare Succulent

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🌵All of our succulents are imported, fresh and healthy. And every succulent will be shipped with bare roots, no pot and no soil.

🌵You will receive the similar size plant as showing in picture. Each plant is unique. Color might be slightly different depending on season, light exposure and transit time.

🌵Most succulent leaves are very fragile and occasionally may fall off during transit. If your plant is missing some leaves upon arrival, just know they will grow back soon.

🌵No refunds or returns. The only exception is If the plant arrived in dead or bad condition, please contact the us within 48 hours with the provided picture. If the succulent looks different than the original pictures, we will send updated photos prior to shipping.

🎉 Any 3 Get 1 Free
For "Any 3 Get 1 Free" deal, if you order 3 plants, you will get a randomly one from our weekly surprise gift collection. The value of the free one is about $10-$20. Also, if you order 3 same plants, you can request another same one. If you have any questions about this deal, don't hesitate to contact us.

🚚 Free Shipping and Priority Shipping
For order over $35, you will get Free USPS First Class shipping service.
You can upgrade USPS Priority Mail for $6.98 shipping charge (We recommend this shipping upgrade in summer).
For order more than $150, your order will automatically upgrade to Free USPS Priority Mail shipping.

⭐️Succulents Care Tips:⭐️
1. Water
Succulent watering is not difficult but requires some tips. There is a method of watering succulents that applies to full-year growth for succulents which is called 'soak and dry'. Just water and soak the soil thoroughly once you discover the soil is completely dry.
2. Sunlight
Succulents love sunlight, typically, most succulents need 4-6 hours of sunlight throughout the day. However, there is a risk of sunburn for succulents if they receive strong sunlight directly. You can take them indoors and near to the window or provide shade with a sheer curtain outdoors.
3. Temperature
Most succulents don't have enough ability to tolerate a low temperature. Bringing them indoors is recommended when the temperature drops below 32 °F.

If you have any questions about caring succulents, please let me know and we will help in any way we can.
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